I specialise in the development of websites, portfolios, and branding for individuals and businesses based in the creative industries.



I love photography and design; so in 2010 in a desperate attempt to escape real work I decided to combine the two. It was frustrating to see poor design hampering friends and photographers’ attempts to get their work seen, but also how poorly some sites enabled me to consume new photography. My aim was to make it easier for photographers and other creatives to show off work, and easier for visitors to find it.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of creative individuals – from photographers to illustrators, filmmakers and artists to design agencies, with the odd e-commerce project thrown in for good measure – to design and develop their web presences and personal brands. I have consulted on optimising images, refining portfolios and growing traffic. I also teach students how to build digital portfolios from the ground up.

I have a degree in History and Politics from York University, and I have a degree in Commercial Photography from the Arts University Bournemouth. I live in Bath where I frequently disagree with my wife over budgeting for electronics.


From start to finish

From discussing a potential project, through design and development, to on-going support, I work to make things as simple for you as possible; from thinking ahead to make sure you don’t have to deal with complex coding when making changes to your site, or walking you through how to make the most of your personalised site.

Design and development

It goes without saying that your site needs to look unique – and frankly – awesome. But, the magic happens when we consider how we can make a design work; user behaviour, how it responds to different devices and where you want to direct your clients. Functionality as well as good looks gives personality to your site.

Supporting emerging talent

Talent isn’t a result of genetics, it’s hard earned. Every year I support emerging talent; taking a small number of student and start-up commissions at a discounted rate. I know how important getting a foothold online is, so if you have an impressive portfolio but can’t afford the full rate… just ask.

Refreshing rates

Let’s be honest – not all surprises are good surprises. My business is built on realistic estimates and transparent billing. I communicate frequently with my clients and bill only for tracked hours spent working on your project; avoiding any nasty shocks at the end!



Hot Off the Press

Hot Off the Press


Web Design

Web Design






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Control Panel

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Manage your web-hosting. For instance: setup new email accounts, create and review FTP credentials, access files and folders, setup new databases, or install a range of content management products.

Access Webmail

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Direct access to your mailbox online using RoundCube. For instructions on how to setup email on a range of popular clients please visit our wiki.

Newsletter Management

Manage newsletter lists, add subscribe forms to your site and view detailed analytics of previous campaigns.

I also design custom eshot and newsletter templates. Please contact me for more information


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